Lava Jato companies launch anticorruption booklet in partnership with UN

“We learn from the past, we are highly committed and committed to transforming that market.” This is how the companies Andrade Gutierrez, Camargo Corrêa, Queiroz Galvão and Odebrecht present the booklet entitled “Integrity in the Construction Sector”. It is an initiative of Rede Brasil of the Global Compact in partnership with the big companies of the sector. The document was launched on May 16 during the Global Compact Forum.

Through the booklet, the leading companies in the construction sector want to demonstrate to Brazilian society that they are aware that the world has evolved, that the values ​​that govern human and institutional relations are different and that they are taking seriously the issue of integrity and fighting corruption .

The paper presents 13 fictional examples of the key challenges, risks, and regulatory issues facing the industry. For each of the examples, measures are presented that must be adopted so that the situation does not occur, measures to be taken when the request ends, and a framework of suggestions for structural changes in the country that can contribute to the definitive solution of the problem.

Companies that have already been labeled as the bad examples of corruption in Brazil, seek to change their image and the image of the construction sector itself. As a result, other companies in the industry, whether they are competitors or their suppliers, will need to adapt to the new requirements. In order to do so, it is fundamental to seek a strong legal advisory, with proven experience in the areas of Compliance and Infrastructure and is aligned with the changes in the sector. The WFARIA Advogados office operates in these areas and in an integrated and multidisciplinary way.

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