Tax law

As the inaugural area of WFaria Advogados, Tax Law has always stood out in providing consulting and litigation services for restructurings, credit recovery, and debt cancellation in favor of its clients.

Since the beginning of the law firm's activities, the sector has generated a R$1.2 billion in economic benefits for its clients, always with technical and responsible management of the cases it represents and provides consulting for.

Our successful cases:

The administrative handling of ICMS infraction proceedings originated from the tax competition between the states of São Paulo and Espírito Santo, which resulted in the complex adherence to the RICORD system amnesty in mid-2014;

Recovery of significant amounts of late payment fines in which clients were entitled to voluntary disclosure benefits;

Litigation for the cancellation of IRRF withheld at source on remittances made by a Brazilian company to a French company, in view of the agreement to avoid double taxation signed between these two countries;

And the cancellation of several multimillion-dollar federal debts in contentious proceedings before the Administrative Council for Tax Appeals (CARF).

Indirect Taxation

We also work with Indirect Taxation, which involves foreign trade (import and export) and its regulation by Customs Law, maximizing tax efficiency in cross-border operations, tax logistics, implementation of special regimes, industrial operations, transfer and recovery of credits, and customs classification.

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